Accessing the healing power of Divine love...
by Sherri Lane
Angels' Touch Therapy is the name I have applied to the  holistic energy healing work that I do, and the enhanced spiritual/angelic connections that it can help one achieve.  This includes practices such as Reiki, as well as other processes that I have learned or acquired.  Since I started this energy work, I have been asked many questions about what it is from those who have little or no prior knowledge of it.  I can only explain it from my own experience, which may differ from others'.  I have found that many people want or need to hear the full experience to understand the magnitude of it, so I have attempted to explain that here.  Other links on this site answers common questions, and it is all a work in progress as I try to provide the most helpful information to those who are curious.  Feedback and questions are always welcome! 

What it is and how I was led to it...
Energy healing (by various names)  is essentially healing that is achieved by accessing the life force energy (which I sometimes call "God-energy") that is available to each of us, if we remember and allow it.  It is the power of pure love coming through to open us to healing of the mind, body, soul, and spirit.  For me, it is simply allowing God’s pure and unconditional love to flow through me to the recipient.  If we understand that our bodies are miraculous machines that are capable of regenerating and healing, and allow that process as well as support it through our habits and actions, we can achieve daily miracles and revive an energy within ourselves that we may have thought was long gone. I was led to this ancient practice of energy healing through a series of vivid dreams of angels, synchronistic “messages”, and a voice whispering in my ear that stirred something in my soul, telling me that I simply must try this out.  I followed these instincts to discover the practice of Reiki (pronounced "ray-KEE", which means “universal life force energy”). After my first session, I knew that my life would never be the same.  I had had some previous life changing moments, and this one seemed to be a continuation of following down the path where Spirit led me, and although I had always been a religious/spiritual person, something had been activated within me that gave me a greater connection to the Divine, a powerful strengthening of my faith.  I was opened to gifts that I am privileged to share.   I learned the practice of Reiki and other methods, and also began to develop my own innate abilities over time.  I believe we all have these inborn gifts, we simply have to remember them and reacquaint ourselves with them. 
What I have seen...
Through this healing practice, I have been blessed to see so many miracles, including sudden and dramatic improvement in medical test results after a session, pain of shingles, arthritis and other ailments being immediately dissolved, headaches disappearing, seizures minimizing, injuries healing much more rapidly than expected…as well as immediate increased energy, improved sleep, and other effects.  Some might "explain" these as mere coincidence, but the timing and immediacy would suggest otherwise.   On the deeper soul level, the results have often been the most dramatic, with some recipients telling me that the experience changed their lives almost instantaneously and now they see evidence of miracles daily.  The results can be subtle or sublime, depending on one’s level of acceptance, but the positive benefits are there.
Having a session...
Generally, sessions are performed with recipient lying comfortably on a massage table, fully clothed, while soothing meditative background music is played.  Healing hands gently touch the body, or are just above the body’s surface.   This process allows the recipient to get into a deeper state of meditation to accept the healing benefits. In distance sessions via phone (my "specialty" of late)  it is a combination of Reiki energy along with healing through angelic or spirit connections, and can be very powerful even across the miles ...yet another example of the amazing power of God. If you are ready to reach a higher level in your spiritual or religious journey,  have physical healing that you would like to enhance, or are just ready for miracles to happen in your life, try a session.   I would consider it a blessing to share this loving energy with you! 

PLEASE NOTE:  The content on this site is not a suggestion that any medical treatments  be ignored!
ALSO NOTE:  When I speak of "God" on this site, it is my conditioned name for the Source of all that is, but I respect other me it is all the same as long as it is in love.  I also generally refer to God as "He", but I know that God is/has both male and female characteristics, and can be called "He" or "She" or whatever we decide to attach to this loving energy.   God/Source isn't really all that concerned with what we call Him - that's just our human egos making that an issue...trying to make God in our image rather than the other way around! 
Related Credentials: Usui Reiki Master/Teacher, Karuna® Master/Teacher,  Angel Love Practitioner; Workshops with nationally acclaimed Intuitive healers  Sonia Choquette,
Colette Baron-Reid, Denise Linn, and Darren Weissman.   In addition, I have spent a tremendous amount of time reading, studying, and giving away the energy/services, to make my gifts stronger because I truly believe it can make a difference. 
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I am preparing an online class to learn and share "Angels Touch" healing. 
Similar to Reiki and other energy healing, this method will 
utilize symbols and ideas from Judeo-Christian faith to bring in more familiarity to those who may be interested in energy healing but apprehensive because of it is "different" or foreign feeling. 
ALL are welcome, of any faith...A loving heart is all that is needed. 
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