Manifesting with Angels Session including Reiki/energy work and intuitive guidance        
Utilizing this healing in a more focused or interactive way for accessing and working with angels to manifest miracles and spiritual growth.  In this session, you will receive a subtle energy healing session, as well as an Intuitive reading with messages from Angels, Archangels, Masters, or sometimes departed loved ones to help you see your life with more clarity or receive guidance.   It is great for setting goals/intentions, discovering your Divine plan, healing emotional wounds, or enhancing your connection to God/Spirit.  In addition to the direct energy work and angel or spirit messages, this session may include regression, guided meditation, or other methods to clarify your direction and/or solidify your goals or intentions.  Available via phone  (skype calling available for calls outside the US) 
Approximately 1-1/2 hour total (20-30 min prior to call, 50 min +/- for call)...$111.  This is a great choice for distance/phone sessions, and has become the only one-on-one service that I currently offer due to time restraints with other work that I do and classes, etc that I provide.  THESE SESSIONS ARE AVAILABLE ON A VERY LIMITED BASIS.   

FREE weekly Distance your request for weekly group distance Reiki for yourself or another.  This is similar to a prayer request, but magnified by Reiki energy.  Significant studies have shown that "feeling" prayer is the most powerful form of prayer and manifestation, and that is what is achieved in Reiki.   Please include the recipient's name, location, and the specific need or request (i.e. general well-being, surgery recovery, emotional support, etc).  Email to:

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Read the Reiki FAQ section and the Testimonial section about some Distance Energy results.    

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